About us

Menara Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 601370263, ABN 48 601370263) is a Melbourne-based company focused on web startups and mobile apps. The company was founded by Denis Mysenko (picture below: left) and Sergey Yushkeev (picture below: right), two geeks who have been colleagues for a while.


Denis is a graduate of Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia and Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Prior to starting Menara, he led LigaForex – a social network of online traders with in-house brokerage. Denis is a black belt Aikido practitioner, a PADI Rescue Diver, an enthusiastic runner and a professional Dj.

Sergey’s alma mater is Tomsk State University in Russia. Before starting the Menara journey, he worked for LigaForex in Kuala Lumpur and PokerBand in St Petersburg. Sergey is so passionate about programming, he is still regularly taking online courses in things like Scala or Android.

Menara is currently working hard on the following projects: Rapport – watch the world live, Boogie Call – location-based party finder, Ask Around – location-based Q&A, Expatria – a social network for immigrants, expatriates et cetera. We do however have more ideas in mind, so watch this space! 😉