Drago is now Fluent

We decided to rename Drago to a shorter, nicer ‘Fluent’.

It’s time to pivot – we thought WordPress plug-in is a good idea, but it’s not:

  • WordPress plugins break each other all the time. Customers may think Drago plug-in is to blame when it’s not;
  • Many users use WordPress because it’s free and, arguably, these users don’t want to pay for anything at all;
  • Existing WordPress translation plug-ins are not doing well according to public figures;
  • Long term it makes more sense to create a platform-agnostic product. After all, any website is just a bunch of HTML pages – who cares what engine is it running.

Fluent is currently in beta and it is open to public.

Imagine that CloudFlare or CloudFront could translate your website real-time – that’s what Fluent is.

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia