Rapport got videos

You remember how we launched a project in one day?

Watching random photos on Rapport is fun, and we are getting pretty good conversions, but we think video will do an even better job!

Random videos are more engaging, dynamic, and with great music on background we get real television – Internet or planet television, as we have all rights to call it. Television where regular people like you and me are show directors and operators. Ok, enough talking, check out Rapport Video!

Technical notes


  • We chose Apple’s HLS protocol for video streaming because it’s widely supported (all iOS and Android devices support it natively) and works behind firewalls;
  • At the moment we collect all content from Instagram, randomly, and we trim videos to 10 second clips;
  • Two VPS nodes are used – one for sending API calls to Instagram, parsing results, filtering garbage, saving to database; another one for transcoding and concatenating;
  • ffmpeg is used for live HLS segmentation;
  • At this moment videos are moderated manually because of high amount of bad content on Instagram (more than 50% of videos), and we want users to have the best experience possible;
  • Flashls is used in browsers to play HLS stream. We don’t like Flash but we had no choice – only Safari on Mac natively supports HLS at the moment.

Mobile apps


Rapport app on Google Play Rapport app in App Store


Moreover, we have reworked our iOS app for Boogie Call – it’s now way sexier! Download new Boogie Call app here.

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia