Welcome our new startup – Ask Around

We are accelerating, yay!

In 10 days I alone created a web point for our new project – Askaround (not sure yet how to spell it better haha), a location-based Q&A service.

Interestingly and excitingly, there are at least 2 competitors who are doing VERY similar ideas and using SAME name. And one of them started just a month ago. Well, good ideas come to several heads at the same time, I suppose!

Originally we planned this as an extension for our existing Expatria project, but recently we decided it makes more sense to launch it as a separate service. Asking and answering location-tagged questions may be interesting to a way broader segment than just expatriates.

The idea is very simple: you can ask a question that is automatically tagged with your location (eg. San Francisco). Other users in the same or different location can answer your question. If you are a software developer you must know Stack Overflow. So Askaround is basically a Stack Overflow with location tags, focused on tourists, travellers and pretty much everybody.

Please welcome:



  • Fully responsive because making unresponsive is irresponsive;
  • Sign in using Facebook or VK;
  • English and Russian versions at this moment;
  • Inspired by Google Material Design guidelines;
  • Phalcon PHP framework;
  • Search via Elasticsearch;
  • SSL-only;
  • Fully IPv6 compatible.

More on the name

I stick to ‘Askaround’ at the moment because I kind of like how it connects together with location titles, eg. ‘Askaround Bali’, ‘Askaround San Francisco’ and so on. If you spell it correctly ‘Ask Around’, it becomes bulky and long. So forgive me, Mr Shakespeare.

Coming soon

Some of the stuff currently brewing:

  • Android application with offline mode (Couchbase);
  • More languages;
  • Reply to questions via email (email hooks).


Now let’s show off our budget! 😉

Web site template: 16 USD
One stock photo: 5 USD
Vector logo: 29 USD
VPS hosting: 10+ USD a month
Dropbox backups: 5 USD a month

So 50 USD to launch a beautiful responsive site and 15 USD a month to support it. Making web projects in 2015 is definitely affordable!

More screenshots

If you are too lazy to open the website in browser, here are some screenshots:




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