Meet our new product – Rapport

We have launched another product, and it took just 1 day to build the first public MVP! Meet:


Rapport is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

What if you could see the world right now through the eyes of any chosen person on the planet? What if you could transfer to Bali in one second and then go to Paris the following second?

Well, this is what Rapport does! In short, Rapport is a random, global photo-stream of recently taken pictures. By recently we mean, like, right now.

Our MVP is solely built on Instagram API but it of course makes sense to connect more social networks. You can access two “channels” on our website at the moment: Rapport World and Rapport Paris.

Besides just fetching random pictures from Instagram API, we are:

  • Filtering out images with clear signs of editing in third-party apps, eg. frames;
  • Getting rid of smart ass quotes;
  • Trying to give you a balanced view of our cosy planet – equal chances of inclusion to all countries.

Moreover, we already did iOS and Android apps – it took us just one more day 🙂 While iOS app is still awaiting review, Android app is ready to use:




Rapport app on Google Play Rapport app in App Store

PS. Our tagline could be “Rapport: startup built in one day”.

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia