iOS app for Boogie Call

After we made an Android app for Boogie Call in one day, we decided to see how much time it would take to make another one for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Well, the development process took only 2 days for an app with many more features than the Android version has, but then we had to wait 10 days for the first App Store review and then another 8 days for the second one, after our application got refused because of the Google Analytics code.

Anyway, please welcome – Boogie Call iOS app!

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Dec 2014 08.05.34

As you can see, we have our first app icon as well – it’s a loudspeaker because:

  • It represents sound;
  • It’s associated with calling;
  • It’s a simple element easy to display on a tiny icon.

It may not be the most original artwork but it should be good enough for starters.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Dec 2014 08.07.39

We have more features in this first iOS app for
Boogie Call than we have in our Android app

  • You can see nearby events on map view, with easy shortcuts for directions;
  • You can see events sorted by tags (tags usually contain music genres);
  • You can bookmark events in which case they will be saved locally on your phone, for your future reference;
  • You can do a text and a radius search;
  • App interface is available in English, Russian and Spanish.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Dec 2014 08.08.16

This is how a list of events look

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 29 Dec 2014 08.11.19

And this is how a map of events look, with event preview triggered

Get Boogie Call app in AppStore

While this app is fully functional and even looks quite okay, we are already working on a new version that is based on our website design and contains some exciting new features. A hint – we don’t think simply aggregating world events and providing a search tool is enough, there has to be a fun element!

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia