Boogie Call: MVP launched

Just slightly more than one month after making initial announcement, we are happy to say that we released an MVP (minimum viable product in startup terminology) of Boogie Call!

Very minimal may it be, Boogie Call is a useful tool already!

Once you open Boogie Call, we will try to detect your location using HTML5 geolocation. If it fails or if you reject, we will try to guess your location based on your IP address instead, using GeoIP from Maxmind. Once we know your coordinates, we will show you event badges – parties happening nearby:


Every badge features a carousel with DJ names (or band names), distance of the venue from your current location, date.


As a matter of fact, even this simple feature – displaying gigs based on your actual location, is absent in most of dance scene websites today! Meaning, this little feature alone gives us a competitive advantage yay.


If you click on event, you are thrown to a very sexy page with full line-up, party details, related media files and so on. Another great feature of Boogie Call is ability to check out artists’ music very fast – you can see relevant music links both on event pages and DJ/band pages. Check out artists latest soundcloud or Boiler Room mixes and decide whether you want to hear him live!

Features available in our MVP:

  • Facebook sign in;
  • Event creation (available to all users);
  • Artist page creation (available to all users);
  • Event search based on GPS coordinates + some fixed pages for top world cities;
  • Event tags.

Goes without saying that all pages of our website are fully responsive and should appear great on whichever smartphone or tablet you chose to use.

Example of an event page:
ZoukOut Singapore, happening this week

Example of an artist page:
Damian Lazarus, a great house DJ, if you were to trust Ibiza crowd

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia