Boogie Call: a service for party animals

Unexpectedly we have decided to start one more project – Boogie Call, a service for party animals and clubbers.

Boogie Call
1: To call someone for a hot night of no strings attached dancing.
2: Inviting friends out to dance, usually via call or text.

It may not be the hottest topic for a startup yet, but it’s just continuously annoying how hard it is to find a good concert or a party in today’s global world.

I personally experienced a scenario like this many, many times: you arrive to a new place (city, country, whatever) and you feel like going out. A long, troublesome, annoying process begins: check multiple event websites (Resident Advisor, TimeOut and so on), check your favourite artists’ Facebook pages, once you find some events – google for address, location. Open Google Maps and see how far it is from your hotel. Ask promoter or artist what time is he playing tonight. The process can take 30-60 minutes easily. And very much possible, you will still miss something.

What we want to create and offer instead is: take your smartphone and say (not literally, open our app): “show me the hottest gigs around me!”. And Boogie Call shall compile a list of events based on your preferences (your Facebook likes comes first in my mind) and geolocation. Eg. “your favourite techno Dj is playing tonight just 500 meters away from you”.

Issue number two. Even if you find an interesting event there is a decent chance you may be unfamiliar with some of the artists performing. And then again – a tiresome process of googling (we love googling though) begins. Look for YouTube videos, search for soundcloud mixes, etc. Why not have an artist media feed on the same website, so that users can check out what’s the music going to be like in 1-2 clicks?

Basically, we want to create a bin where anybody can throw something relevant. An artist page where any user can post a mix (of that artist), a new song or a news article – whatever.


Anyway, the work has begun already and we are releasing the first site (it’s probably fair to call it MVP) shortly. We are using the following technologies for Boogie Call:

  • PHP with Phalcon framework for programming comfort and code performance;
  • AngularJS for user typing and editing experiences;
  • Neo4J for data storing – we decided to go for graph since it fits this model perfectly.

At this moment we don’t plan an mobile app, but instead we expect customers to use our fully responsive website. Thanks to HTML5 geolocation that is now supported by all major browsers, we got everything we need.

It would be unfair not to mention existing competitors – BandsInTown and SongKick. They have very similar concepts, but in our mind they are 1) focused more on rock music 2) moderated centrally and we plan wiki-style semi-anarchy 3) underdeveloped outside of US.

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia