Goodbye, Malaysia!

Finally I’m preparing to leave this beautiful country and this comfortable office.

I was sent here 4 years ago by E-Global as a Business Development Director. What was supposed to be a 1 year stationing, smoothly scaled to a 4 year strip.

From advantages of doing IT/web start-ups in Malaysia I would mention:

– Cost of living (accommodation, food, etc);
– Great travel options, with KL being in the centre of SEA;
– Climate – practically the same every day.

If there are pros, there must be cons:

– Complete absence of qualified IT staff in the country – it seems Malaysians tend not to choose IT as their profession. Most companies have to bring ALL software developers and designers from abroad;
– Somewhat annoying crime rate. While you don’t hear about people getting attacked or killed, everybody gets robbed on regular basis. Me? Got robbed twice. Most of my friends got robbed at least once during these 4 years.

Anyway, in 10 days Menara Solutions, as of today consisting of just two smart guys, is moving (temporarily) to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – a place that historically has been seen as creative and spiritual melting pot.

Post by Denis Mysenko

Born in the snows of Siberia